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Shae-li Liang, Free People, Store Manager #1825  |  443.285.3832   |  sbl1825@freepeople.com

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Sarah Thomas, Free People, Store Manager #1839  |  443.231.8638  |  sbl1839@freepeople.com

“Charly is a joy to work with. She's got an incredible work ethic and willingness to learn, while taking direction and feedback extremely well. She excelled in styling along with social media for Free People. She consistently worked well with others and received customer compliments regularly. She's got an infectious personality that would be truly be an asset to any team.”

Christiane Pheil, Artist Relations Director, Red Frog Events  |  828.551.8019  |  christiane.pheil@gmail.com

“Charly has worked on my artist relations team at Firefly Music Festival for the past four years. She is self-sufficient, a workhorse, and is an absolute joy to have on any kind of team, tackling any kind of project. Charly is a brilliant combination of work ethic, creative problem solving, and positivity. She has a knack for approaching challenges with a different perspective and therefore producing a unique and inspiring result. I have no doubt that Charly would be able to bring all that she has to offer to the Free People Home Office team, and would quickly prove herself to be an asset that you don't know how you ever did without.”

Teri McMohan, Booking Coordinator, Live Nation  |  570.236.1384  |  teri.a.mcmahon@gmail.com

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had Charly as a part of my team at Firefly Music Festival for four years now, each year better than the last.  The weather is not always optimal, sleep is limited, and the tasks at hand are nothing short of demanding- but every single day, Charly shows up on time, wearing a smile, ready to tackle whatever obstacles lie ahead. It is not often you come across someone with such an infectious, positive attitude and a work ethic to match. There is no doubt that she can/will thrive in whatever role she is handed, with utmost grace and professionalism.”

Hanna Cohen, Artist Relations Lead, Firefly Music Festival  |  410.804.9562  |  hanna@eventrevolution.com

“Charly is not only a talented artist, but also a friendly and professional who leaves her clients with a lasting positive impression as well as beautiful photographs. I've had the pleasure of hiring Charly in multiple capacities over the past 3 years and have been consistently impressed with her kind attitude, attention to detail, and impressive work ethic. She is truly an asset to any team.”

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